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The history of the Drabsch surname:
The German Family name Drabsch is classified as being of habitation name origin. When family names are defined as “habitation” in origin they refer us to the residence or home of the progenitor or founder of the family. The name may indicate that the original bearer displayed a sign or engraving over the door of his residence or it may tell us that this person’s residence was located in a particular town or village or indeed that it was located by some distinguishing or topographical feature.

The family name Drabsch may be traced to either of two settlements. Trabitz or Drabitzsch, both located in the state of Saxony. Thus, the original bearer of the name would have been a person who hailed from one of these towns. Alternatively, the surname Drabsch may also have developed as an occupative nickname based upon the old Polish word “drab”, which denoted a mercenary or soldier for hire. Surnames derived from Slavic elements are not uncommon in eastern Germany. Hereditary surnames were first used in the Germanic realm in the twelfth century. It was to take the next four hundred years before they were completely employed throughout the German speaking principalities and duchies. Documentation from that period shows us that it was in urban areas and among the nobility that fixed family names were first to be found. German archives include a reference dated 12 August 1866 regarding the baptism of Anna Francisca Drabsch, the daughter of Johann Friedrich Drabsch and Albertine Wilhelmine Hampel, residents of Berlin. This couple marked the christening of their daughter Alma Helene Drabsch at the Church of St. Markus on 18 February 1872.